ADELA KOVÁCS, Muzeul Județean Botoșani,

ABSTRACT: In the summer of 1974 preventive excavations were conducted by Anton Nițu and Paul Șadurschi on the Prut river terrace, at the site Stânca Doamnei from Ştefăneşti town, Botoșani County, Romania. Here were excavated four houses and six pits. Inside the dwellings and in the pits interesting ceramic material was discovered. Unfortunately, no field notes were found, but there is a preliminary report where the excavation plans were published. The archaeological material resulted from researches was marked, specifying both the site and place of their discovery. This aspect facilitated the work of identifying the materials found in this site. The most spectacular items found at Stânca Doamnei are the ronde-bosse anthropomorphic representations. Until now we identified (in the exhibition and deposits of the Botoşani County Museum) five anthropomorphous statuettes, previously unpublished by the research team. Considering the importance of such objects, we described them in an extensive manner and made some observations relating the possible analogies of the objects to other statuettes discovered in the CucuteniTrypillia culture. The anthropomorphous statuettes have most of the analogies in the eastern part of the Cucuteni culture. From the technological point of view, these are specific to phase B of the Culture. The statuettes were made of fine, homogeneous clay, with a high quality burning. Most of the statuettes were covered by thin clay, polished, sometimes covered with red or yellowish white slip. Some of them preserve traces of paint, red or black.

KEYWORDS: Cucuteni culture, Botoșani County, anthropomorphous statuettes, representations.

REZUMAT: În vara anului 1974 Anton Nițu și Paul Șadurschi au efectuat cercetări arheologice preventive în situl de la Stânca Doamnei, oraș Ştefăneşti, județul Botoșani, Romania. Au fost cercetate 4 locuințe și 6 gropi cu un interesant material ceramic. Cele mai spectaculoase descoperiri au fost statuetele antropomorfe care fac obiectul studiului de față. Din punct de vedere tehnologic statuetele identificate sunt specifice fazei B a culturii Cucuteni.

CUVINTE-CHEIE: Cultura Cucuteni, statuete antropomorfe.

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