Acta Mvsei Porolissensis Vol. XXXVII/2015

IOAN BEJINARIU, Muzeul Județean de Istorie și Artă din Zalău,

ABSTRACT: With the occasion of the archaeological excavations carried out on “Măgura Șimleului” (Pl. 1/1) starting with the year 1994, there were discovered several times, po­ery ‑agments of the Coțofeni culture. In this study we would like to draw a­ention on a fragment belonging to a cup or a bowl with a hollow foot. The foot of the vessel has a decoration which is composed out of a register made out of two horizontal lines, parallel, disposed both on the inferior but also on the superior part. Several vertical lines link the two horizontal ones. The decoration is entirely made in the excision technique and has some marks of incrustation. On the horizontal strap of the superior part there are some sorts of rhombs, while on the inferior as on the vertical ones a sort of wide “zig-zags” (Pl. 2/1). The foot of the vessel has a height of 10  cm and 11.2  cm in diameter. Another fragment decorated in the same technique (Pl. 1/2) was discovered in 2002 about 50  m north ‑om the first one. The po­ery type of the cup/bowl with a hollow foot and the excision technique used and the ornaments are characteristic to the Vučedol culture. The discovered po­ery fragment has to be put in connection with the Coțofeni discoveries found on the “Observator” hill and represents a clue in dating these discoveries in the final step, Coțofeni IIIc of this culture, as it was recently defined by the studies of C. I. Popa and N. C. Rișcuța. In the area of Șimleu Depression there are until now five points with discoveries which a­ests the prolonging of the evolution of the Coțofeni culture through its final phase – Coțofeni IIIc. These discovery points are Giurtelecu Șimleului “Coasta lui Damian”, Meseșenii de Sus “Osoiu Măcăului”, Bădăcin “Dealul Cornet”, Plopiș “Șes Nojești”, to which we can add Șimleu Silvaniei “Observator”.

KEYWORDS: North-Western Romania, Eneolithic Final Stage/ Early Bronze Age, Po­ery, Vessels with feet, Vučedol culture.

CUVINTE-CHEIE: nord-vestul României, Eneolitic final / Bronz timpuriu; vase cu picior, cultura Vučedol.

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